Lexus HPX Press Introduction - New York International Auto Show

The Lexus HPX concept vehicle was introduced to the global automotive press at the New York International Auto Show with style and grace. We created a unique video sculpture installation comprised of 34 high-definition video screens of varying sizes called for equally unique video content for CreativDesign Group. We called upon Panavision and their new line of Cinema HD cameras to help capture the million-dollar, hand made, one-of-a-kind Lexus concept vehicle, aptly framed like a museum work of art, standing against a stark white backdrop. With a custom musical score featuring a jazz trumpet led melody, the Lexus HPX made its debut to the world with great fanfare that generated international media buzz.

Client Team

Ken Thomas - National Advertising Manager

CreativDesign Group

Gary Rivera - CEO
James A. Kern - Creative Director / Video Director

Agency Team
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