Astellas National Sales Meeting

One Smooth Stone asked us to partner with them to provide experiential innovation for their client, Astellas. In addition to general session stage and lighting design, we produced a video opener, which combined performers who spoke on cue from satellite stages around the venue, attendees’ LED wristbands, and LED-enabled spheres, all wirelessly synced to change color in unison, creating a number of immersive moments that played out during the event.

Additional effort was focused on our work with Astellas to make their breakout sessions more interactive and engaging by developing a number of activities that emphasised experiential learning. Finally, we helped ideate and develop an Awards Banquet, produced to feel like a full-on TV awards show, including animated show elements, musical cues, and thematic design.

Astellas Pharma
Client Team
One Smooth Stone

Mark Ledogar - President / Executive Producer
Gary Vlk - EVP & Co-Founder / Executive Producer
Steve Koppel - VP / Executive Producer
James A. Kern - Creative Director
Stephanie Selig - Producer
Jonathan Williams - Associate Producer

Agency Team
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