SAP Sapphire – Experiential Interactive Displays

For its largest North American user/partner/customer conference, SAP engaged Freeman XP to develop their product stories and displays. Freeman XP, in turn, leveraged our media and interactive storytelling skills to deliver two concepts for major innovative product offerings they wanted to communicate to the market: 1) an integrated suite of services to enable companies to do distributed manufacturing through 3D printing; 2) an integrated suite of software and business services, enabling quick response to spikes in demand by digitizing every aspect of a company’s operations, in the SAP ecosystem.

They called on us to synthesize their messaging into consumer-ready storytelling. We designed an exhibit area for each initiative in the main show footprint. We created and curated all content for the displays, creating user interfaces and user experience for the digital interactive elements of each area. And we executed it all in a tech-forward design and experience, on brand for SAP.

It bears noting that we worked quickly, among other things hiring multiple animation teams, to tell these two stories in a compressed timeline. From the first phone call to the on-show activation, it took just over three weeks.

Client Team

Philip Smeed - Creative Director

Freeman XP

Kari Atherton - Senior Account Director
Masaru Haruyama - Creative Director
James A. Kern - Creative Director

Agency Team
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