LG NCAA Bracket Town - Men’s Final Four

LG is a premier sponsor of March Madness and the NCAA Final Four. Bracket Town is the fan experience highlight and official sponsor activation area that is open to the general public at the Men’s Final Four weekend each year. We layered a digitally enabled “Fan Pass,” custom printed with the finalist team of your choice, to create a passport concept that allowed fans of all ages to engage with a wide variety of basketball themed LG product experiences. From shooting stuffed basketballs into washing machines, watching famous coaches cook-off on LG kitchen appliances, to interacting with streetball legend “The Professor” and his incredible ball-handling tricks – LG garnered a legion of new Facebook fans and delighted attendees and clients, alike.

LG Corp.
Client Team
Sparks Marketing Group

James A. Kern - Creative Director
Jamie Barlow - VP of Creative Technology
MJ Coveny - Executive Producer

Agency Team
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