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Consilium is an invite-only event for high-level executives from existing BCG clients. It’s a showcase to teach them about innovations in business practices, and to share success stories from peers in various enterprises and industries who have worked with BCG to innovate and digitize their business practices.

One of our agency partners, One Smooth Stone, asked us to reimagine how these information sessions could be brought to life in a creative, experiential way, to more fully engage these high-level businesspeople.

Our strategy was to bring BCG processes to life in an analogous, intuitive way, using digital, print, and media pieces. We used live polling and data capture to bring the concepts to life in the moment. And we were able to leverage an underutilized social component in the Company’s pre-existing event app. The result was an engaging, participatory, interactive experience that changed the game for this conference.

Boston Consulting Group
Client Team

Laurie Stern

One Smooth Stone

Steve Koppel - Executive Producer
James A. Kern - Creative Director
Jonathan Williams - Associate Producer

Agency Team
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