Fit in the House - Honda Fit Launch Tour with House of Blues

To introduce the Honda Fit to the North American market and the youthful target consumer, Maritz Interactions tapped us to direct their partnership with the House of Blues Foundation Room locations nationwide for a month-long series of special events, high-profile concerts and vehicle activations. To extend the media reach of the program, we engaged a well known folk artist to hand paint a one-of-a-kind Honda Fit Art Car display that toured the country. The Art Car was then auctioned for charity via eBay, which garnered extensive earned media support. Guests at House of Blues who interacted with the Honda promotion could win free concert tickets and exclusive access to the coveted VIP area of the nightclubs, the Foundation Room.

American Honda Motor Company
Client Team
Maritz Interactions

Allan Finehirsh - Director, Practice Leader
Graham Emonson - Executive Creative Director
James A. Kern - Creative Director

Agency Team
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