Hyundai Auto Show Press Reveal Events

After we developed a developing a winning pitch for CreativDesign Group, they were awarded a multi-year contract with Hyundai to produce their series of six press introductions for vehicles at North American auto shows, including Los Angeles, New York, Detroit and Chicago.

In Detroit, we leveraged some unique stagecraft to introduce the first US-made Hyundai Sonata with a documentary film, featuring the workers at the new plant in Montgomery, Alabama. Having established the bona fides of a state-of-the-art robotics assembly plant that also brought its share of human jobs, the first ever American-born Sonata flew in dramatically from the ceiling, eliciting gasps from the audience, followed by the clicking of cameras.

Later that year in New York City, we produced a press event at a venue just outside the Javits Center, featuring Michael Cavanaugh from the musical, “Movin’ Out.” As he performed with a live band, our surprise emerged from beneath the drum kit, as the stage opened up, and the new Hyundai Azera emerged. We also produced product photography, running footage of the cars, edited the reveal videos and created a press kit for each vehicle. Generating the intended results of our strategic spectacles, the earned media buzz around each reveal event delivered terrific value for Hyundai.

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