Kadima Innovation Fair

Kadima Ventures wanted to introduce their investing platform, through the Kadima Ventures Sales Team, to potential investors and startups as an important game-changing investment tool. At the same time, they needed to get the information and content to media outlets, and provide opportunities for them to engage with the Kadima partners.

The first ever Kadima Innovation Fair brought together elite investors, startups, major corporations, incubators, economic development organizations and civic groups from all over the world to build innovation synergy and engage together in a totally new way.

In association with MDR Entertainment, we created a main theatrical event, featuring industry- and subject matter-experts, and celebrities, sharing their stories on: startups, investing through cryptocurrency/ICO’s, AI, and blockchain. To give attendees an intuitive experience of the Kadima Platform, we built a contest around voting and gamification of the startup presentations. And we designed an Innovation Fair showcase area for startups to promote their businesses and engage attendees.

Through that kind of attendee participation and social app voting, we collected data on attendees, verifying a result of heightened awareness and positive reception of the Kadima Platform message.

Kadima Ventures
Client Team

Tim Wales - CEO & Co-founder
Scott Yentzer - CTO & Co-Founder
Stacy Wales - COO
Quyen Bentley - CFO

MDR Entertainment / XISM

Executive Producer - Mark Rodriguez
James A. Kern - Executive Creative Director

Agency Team
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