Microsoft Ready

Microsoft Ready is an education and networking event for Microsoft employees, hosted across 4 different hotels on the Las Vegas Strip to accommodate keynote presentations by senior executives, followed by breakout sessions including presentations, panels, workshops, deep-dive learning sessions, specialized training, and hands-on or instructor-led labs.

Zed Ink was asked to produce the “conference within the conference” for CDS, the #1 revenue-generating division of Microsoft. Our team was invited by Zed Ink to design the stage, work with executives on their content, and develop animations. We also produced several high-end videos, including a humorous “parody” video featuring some of the top executives, and a video from various locations around the world, highlighting how people everywhere use Microsoft products, all threaded together to highlight a compelling event theme.

We wrapped the string of sessions with a celebration event that was held on the terrace of the Eiffel Tower at Paris Casino, featuring a live band and DJs, and several unique social sharing photo opportunities, bringing together over 1200 Microsoft employees from around the world.

Microsoft Corporation
Client Team

Molly O’Donnell
Kaitlin Goodall
Jennifer Cobb-Moynihan


Julia Zarro - Executive Creative Director
James A. Kern - Senior Creative Director
Katie Kawaoka - Creative Director

Agency Team
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