Nissan LEAF Zero Emissions Tour

To promote the U.S. launch of the all-electric LEAF, George P. Johnson called upon us to develop the strategic creative for Nissan LEAF Zero Emission Tour. This 22-city nationwide tour gave drivers, media, civic partners, businesses, and students access to the world’s only existing prototype Nissan LEAF, as well as information about the benefits of zero-emission driving. The tour also helped Nissan make successful pitches to municipalities and utility commissions around North America in support of eco-friendly infrastructure.

Cost constraints and tour infrastructure requirements necessitated creative solutions. Big splashy graphics on a mobile billboard grabbed the public’s attention while a state-of-the-art charging station provided an introduction to the concept of an electric vehicle Level 2 car charger. Additional interactive installations helped overcome consumer “range anxiety,” a common concern of potential buyers.

Nissan North America, Inc.
Client Team
George P. Johnson

James A. Kern - Creative Director
Mark Ruvelson - Executive Producer
Lead Designer - Sean Christopher

Agency Team
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