Nissan Rogue Media Introduction

Nissan launched a complete redesign of its compact SUV, the Rogue, for the 2014 model year, with an emphasis on luxury and fuel efficiency. We helped George P. Johnson design a special event at the Tennessee Titans stadium in Nashville, Tennessee, for its debut to the media and the public. A hands-on display showcased individual upgraded elements, and a Nissan engineer was on hand to give insight to their design and purpose. To see that design and purpose in action, we set up a closed course in the stadium parking lot, where the press were able to test drive the vehicle under controlled adverse conditions. And we organized an itinerary for their long drive to driver switch points at cool destinations, featuring local artisanal treats of food and other fun Nissan Rogue branded swag. A gourmet barbecue kept their energy up throughout the day. And as a capper, we held a dinner party at a legendary Nashville recording studio, setting up banquet tables in the main hall recording space.

Nissan North America, Inc.
Client Team
George P. Johnson

Amy Williams - Account Director
Cherise Clifton - Account Manager
James A. Kern - Creative Director
Natalie Jamison - Creative Strategy Director

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