Toyota Drive Center

Toyota’s national ride & drive program, produced and operated by AMCI, deploys about 100 events per year. AMCI called upon our team to help redesign the program properties and attendee experience from the ground up. This involved designing a customer journey from intercept, to selecting a vehicle through interactive displays, photo booths, etc. We designed structures and properties for the tour and built multiple sets of of them for use around the country at auto shows, fairs, and retail centers. We put together a media experience for the Attract Wall and curated a playlist of background music for the entire production. To learn as much about our customers as possible, we collected individualized data from our interactive digital engagements; and through driver license, registration, and waiver signing, then finally collecting an exit survey about their experience at the end of the event.

Toyota Motor Sales, USA.
Client Team

Kevin Holt - Global Account Director
Don Moss - Executive Creative Director
Joedy Lister - Producer
James A. Kern - Creative Director

Agency Team
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