Verizon Wireless Exhibit - CTIA Super Mobility Show

The CTIA Super Mobility Show brings all major wireless carriers together to demonstrate the state of the art and point to the future of mobile telephony. Verizon called on CIVIC Entertainment Group to help them conceive a strategy and design their exhibit, as they repositioned as the 5G leader. Our team’s expertise in IoT was summoned to the ideation and design process with the goal to show the range of applications where 5G technology would revolutionize IoT, including autonomous cars, soil sensors for agriculture, water sensors for aquaculture, GPS-enabled track and trace temperature sensors for shellfish distribution, car-share programs, electric skateboard sharing systems, etc.

We designed a high-profile, high-visibility attraction right in the middle of the show, with a giant LED tower presenting attendees with an interactive storytelling experience. Additionally, we conceptualized all the attendee interactions, designed vignettes and booths, and helped Verizon develop their media, including curating content for their media pieces. Our creative designs and unique displays helped Verizon stand out as the star of the CTIA Super Mobility Show.

Verizon Communications
Client Team
CIVIC Entertainment Group

Nate Schreiber - Co-CEO, Civic Entertainment Group
Liam Lynch - Executive Producer
Michelle Lee - Producer
James A. Kern - Creative Director

Agency Team
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